A new exciting era!

We now have an expanded partnership with TikTok stores. Through influencer livestreams and collaborations, TikTok shopping sends consumers directly to our online store for checkout, making it easy for people to explore and buy the products they discover on TikTok. We are collaborating with influencers with 1m following fan bases to get a greater reach of engagement and attraction. This is the future.

Livestreaming and shopping!

As a TikTok livestream plays and products are shown on-screen, pop-up pins will appear related to an item on the video. Users can tap on these pins to add the item to their cart, which directs them to a mobile checkout experience. Users also have the option of waiting until the livestream event has finished and clicking on a shopping cart pin to browse through all the items featured in the event and select which items they would like to purchase.



Live from our studio from 6pm to 8pm! Click below to see our incredible offers!

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Live from our studio from 6pm to 8pm! Click below to see our incredible offers!

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It's the new shopping craze!

We are live on TikTok showcasing our amazing offers for the iPhone 13 (Pro + Mini), Airpods, and iPad mini. It's so easy to use, just check out the livestream in our stories, click the shopping basket in TikTok, and checkout! It's really that simple.

How does it work?


Check out any one of our livestreams above. Our livestreams start from 3pm daily so keep up to date with the latest.


The tab will pull products from their Shopify product catalogs, allowing other TikTok users to browse products without leaving the app and easily navigate to the creators’ online stores for checkout.


Check our catalogue to see more of our deals, simply go to https://shop.tiktok.com. Add your product to the basket and check out through TikTok.