Dear Customer,


Providing your return­­­­-­­n request meets Amazon's Policy before sending your return back to us, please follow the below steps:


  1. We follow the UK 14 days return policy. If your order is older than 14 days, you will need to contact the manufacturer directly and discuss a replacement or repair through your warranty. A refund will not be possible after 14 days from ourselves or Amazon.


  1. Accidental Damage or Water Damage or Pressure damage is not covered under your warranty.


  1. If you have sent a return to us within the 14 days return period, our Technical Support team are required to carry out a full analysis of the product before we can refund you. If your return is still unopened or as new condition and this is confirmed, you will be refunded fully.


  1. In case of Auto-return approval after 14 days of purchase, then we cannot refund the full amount. The buyer will be charged a 20% admin and restocking fee. Once our Technical Support team have finished with the analysis of the product, we will contact you regarding the refund amount, this will depend on the item condition and how many days ago it was ordered. (As per Amazon Selling Policy).


  1. Please remove all password's and reset the device before sending back to us. If passwords are not removed you will not be refunded the full amount as our Technical Support team will have to use software to reset the passwords/ device. If we are unable to do so, the product will be returned to the customer.


6.Please return all Box Contents and any accessories that you received along with the device in your order.


7.Please ensure you put details like your Order ID, name and contact number in with the return to avoid delays in it being processed.


8.Once we have received your return, we aim to have it processed and refunded within 1-3 days providing all the above points have been complied with and it is a simple return process, if we have any queries or feedback from the Technical Support team which may delay your return being processed/refunded, we will contact you.


We thank you for your understanding and kind support.






Please return to:


FBA Return's Department

Livewire Telecom Ltd

Unit 1143 Silverstone Park

Buckingham Road



NN12 8FU

United Kingdom