vivo Brand Launch - Great New Beautiful Smartphones Have Arrived on our Online Store

With our business continuing to grow, we are delighted to announce our brand new partnership with vivo! As long-term fans of the brand, we cannot wait for our customers to get their hands on these truly stunning smartphones.

The vivo Brand Story

Established 11 years ago, vivo has gone from strength to strength, manufacturing beautiful and highly impressive smartphones in this ever-competitive market. Having begun operations in China, the most competitive consumer electronics market in the world, vivo has managed to succeed and expand globally. With international expansion beginning back in 2014, vivo entered the large Indian and South East Asian markets and has since gained an immense reputation in the industry.

vivo Official Partner UEFA Euros 2020

By Q1 2015, despite not even being in the European and North American markets, vivo was ranked as one of the top 10 smartphone manufacturers in the world, with a 2.7% market share. Following this, vivo continued to grow, entering many others markets in 2017, such as Russia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, & Bangladesh, and then North America in 2018. Selling smartphones in the US under the BLU brand name, vivo, again, managed to maintain their forward momentum and gain even more success.

Now we come to 2020. With over 10,000 employees and operations in over 100 countries, vivo has finally announced its entry into Europe. With this, based in the UK, are incredibly happy to announce that we will be selling vivo’s brand new smartphones, going directly up against the smartphone behemoths of Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.

With their ambitious goals, vivo reached a sponsorship deal with FIFA become the official smartphone brand of the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups and signed a deal with UEFA as an official partner of the Euro 2020 and 2024 finals.

The Stunning Smartphones

So, what does vivo need to do to succeed in the UK market? Simply put, vivo needs to create strong performing and beautifully designed smartphones at great value for money. Luckily, vivo has done exactly that, bringing UK consumers four brand new stylish smartphones that rival its already well-established and highly rated competitors.

vivo X51 5G Flagship

The Flagship – vivo X51 5G

As the flagship device in vivo’s line-up, the X51 5G offers everything you could ever need from a smartphone. That means a picture-perfect and ultra-smooth display, powerful processor, super-fast 5G network capability, and incredible cameras (which come with their very own splash of industry-first innovation).

To start, the standout feature of the vivo X51 5G is definitely its Gimbal camera system, a feature not seen on any other smartphone currently available. If you don’t already know, a Gimbal is essentially a pivot mechanism that allows an object to rotate about a single axis. This allows the X51 5G’s super-sharp 48MP primary camera to keep stable while the phone itself moves freely. Because of this, the main camera of the X51 5G has incredible image stabilization, minimising blur and reducing shake of video further than any other smartphone. Its rivals typically have what is called OIS (optical image stabilization). Overall, the Gimbal double-ball suspension mechanism allows the camera to cover angles 300% larger than OIS. As well as providing ultra-stable video and sharper images, the Gimbal mechanism also allows the camera to track objects within its view, maintaining perfect focus.

vivo X51 5G Gimbal Camera System

It is clear to see the X51 5G’s stunning design. Being super slim and lightweight, coupled with its gorgeous Full HD 6.56-inch AMOLED display, the vivo X51 5G is truly elegant and easy on the eye.

Elsewhere, with its 90Hz refresh rate, scrolling with the X51 5G is a great experience, being super smooth and a joy to use. Powering the phone is Qualcomm’s second-most powerful processor from 2020, the Snapdragon 765G. Bringing fast performance, great image processing, and (most importantly) 5G, the 765G chip makes slowdowns while using your device a thing of the past.

As a flagship Android smartphone, the vivo X51 5G would not be complete without features such as an under-display fingerprint scanner and some form of fast charging. With this, the vivo X51 5G’s under-display fingerprint sensor allows you to unlock your phone extremely quickly and easily, and more importantly, securely. Additionally, the vivo X50 5G features 33W FlashCharge, enabling you to charge the device from zero to 57% in only 30 minutes – very convenient if you ever find yourself low on charge during the day.

vivo Y70 - 33W FlashCharge Fast Charging

vivo’s Mid-Range Competitor – The Y70

Bringing many features from vivo’s very own flagship smartphone, the Y70 (shown above) provides great value for consumers during these tough times. For just £279, the Y70 offers a great display that utilises AMOLED technology. Because of this, you get a truly immersive experience, with its vibrant colours and deep blacks produced from each pixel. At Full HD resolution and large 6.44-inch size, the Y70 is up there with the best smartphones for entertainment, whether you’re watching high-definition video, looking at photos, or playing mobile games.

The Y70 comes with impressive cameras as well, with a sharp 48MP primary sensor, capable of shooting 4K video, as well as secondary macro and depth cameras for great close-up images and portrait photos.

Just like the premium X51 5G, the vivo Y70 utilises an under-display fingerprint sensor for fast and secure unlock, as well as the 33W FlashCharge for convenient power whenever you need. One addition that the Y70 retains is the 3.5mm headphones jack, meaning if you don’t have wireless headphones yet, you’ll still be able to use any wired ones you may have lying around.

The Budget Smartphones – vivo Y20s & Y11s

Much like their more advanced counterparts, the vivo Y20s and Y11s feature very stylish and slim designs, but at impressively low price points. Being very similar, both the Y20s (£149 – shown on left) and Y11s (£119 – shown on right) include the largest batteries of vivo’s new line-up, being 5,000mAh in size. This means that these phones will easily last a full day of fairly intensive use, and even multiple days if used lightly.

vivo Y20s & vivo Y11s - 5000mAh Batteries

These budget smartphones also feature identical screens, with expansive 6.51-inch Halo FullView displays, great for all kinds of viewing experiences. With their thin bezels, these displays really come to life, being very immersive, providing no visual distractions.

The two main differences between these two devices are the cameras, and the storage/memory options. The entry-level vivo Y11s features dual-rear cameras, with a 13MP wide and a 2MP depth sensor. The Y20s on the other hand adds a 2MP macro camera with its triple camera system, perfect for taking images of close-up objects, such as tiny wildlife.

The entry-level Y11s comes with 32GB storage (that is expandable via microSD) and 3GB RAM, whereas the Y20s includes 128GB storage (also expandable) and an improved 4GB RAM.

An Exciting Partnership

At, we cannot wait to start our long-term relationship with vivo and look forward to an exciting future ahead. We know that so many of our customers will love vivo’s new smartphones, all bringing sleek designs, plenty of features, all at great value for money.

Get the flagship vivo X51 5G for just £749 here

Get the impressive vivo Y70 for just £279 here

Get the capable vivo Y20s for just £149 here

Get the entry-level vivo Y11s for just £119 here

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