Take Your Instagram To The Next Level

The P30 Pro from Huawei is an all-round incredible phone. With a rear camera that has the ability to snap pictures of this quality what’s not to love?

Now we won’t bore you with the specifications (you can see them here) but we will assure you that the P30 Pro will not disappoint you. With over 2.7 million apps available on the google play store and a further 45,000 apps on Huawei’s own more defined app store you’ll be sure to find the perfect app to further refine your picture and make it perfect to post. A few examples include the infamous VSCO, Priime or Pixlr. All apps to make your amazing photos, perfect.

If photo editing apps are not your thing then do not worry, Huawei has a built-in editor that tops all its rivals. The vast control and customisation ability available on the P30 Pro’s camera app is impressive. You have full control over every aspect of your photo. Another aspect is Huawei’s new AI function which recognises over 500 scenarios across 19 different categories. Basically, it can pretty much tell whatever you are aiming the camera at and adjust the settings accordingly so that the result is stunning.

You’ve taken your photo, uploaded it to your Instagram, now what? It doesn’t just end there are plenty of apps that can really help elevate your Instagram. For starters planning out your Insta feed, scheduling posts and tracking your analytics will not only make your page more professional but consistency will build your following. The best app for this is Planoly. On the Huawei P30 Pro it’s so simple to install, just open your preferred app, search and install. Apps have never looked so good, on the P30 Pro’s 6.47 HD+ OLED display.

Overall the Huawei P30 Pro is an avid Instagrammer’s dream. An incredible camera, easy to use software and the access to a whole host of tools to enhance your Instagram.

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