The Battle of the Bargain Smartphones - realme C11 vs Honor 9A

Priced at £99.99 and £129.99 respectively, both of these devices provide a no-frills modern smartphone experience at unbeatable low prices. The realme C11 and Honor 9A come with large batteries and expansive displays, all run on Android 10 software.

realme C11 vs Honor 9A Design


Starting with the important features that these phones share, the realme C11 and Honor 9A both have huge 5000mAh batteries. For smartphones at this price, this is very impressive, easily getting you through a full day of use and longer than even many of the most high-powered flagship phones currently available.

For their photography capabilities, the realme C11 and Honor 9A feature multiple rear camera sensors, both with a 13MP primary and 2MP depth sensor, allowing for relatively sharp wide-angle images and ever-popular portrait photos.

In terms of getting the basics right, these two phones run on Google’s Android 10 software platform, meaning that you can download from Google Play Store’s entire app library, featuring hundreds of thousands of apps and games. Important to also note is the fact, as well as having built-in speakers on the bottom of the phone, that both of these phones have a 3.5mm headphone jack. This allows you to play music via any headphones you may already have, not requiring you to buy a brand new pair of fancy wireless ones.

realme C11 and Honor 9A Headphone Jacks & Speakers

Advantages of the realme C11

As mentioned before, these low-cost devices feature expansive displays; however, the realme C11 features a slightly larger 6.5-inch display compared to the Honor 9A’s 6.3-inch display. Although only a small difference, it is great that the cheaper device manages to still provide a screen good enough for most people’s entertainment needs.

realme C11 vs Honor 9A Displays

As mentioned before, the realme C11 is also the cheaper of the two, available at just £99.99 on compared to £129.99 for the Honor 9A from Honor’s UK website.

Despite being the cheaper device, the realme features a slightly faster processor, utilising MediaTek’s Helio G35 chip, compared to the Helio P22 in the Honor 9A.

Advantages of the Honor 9A

Having a marginally smaller display compared to the realme C11, the Honor 9A is a physically smaller device, as well as being 11 grams lighter. This makes the Honor 9A a little easier to hold and use in with one hand compared to the realme C11.

One very notable benefit the Honor 9A brings to the table is its superior storage and memory capacity compared to the realme C11. Likely the main factor in its higher price tag against the C11, the Honor 9A includes a fairly generous 64GB storage with 3GB RAM compared to the 32GB storage and 2GB RAM of its rival. Although the memory difference is a pretty big factor separating these two devices, the storage for both devices is expandable via microSD.

One other reason the Honor 9A features a slightly higher price tag compared to the realme C11 is its use of a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, allowing for secure unlock of the phone without the need to input a password every time like on the C11.

Although these phones feature similar wide and depth camera sensors, the Honor 9A also includes a 5MP ultrawide sensor on the rear of the device, allowing you to take great pictures of impressive and more vast landscapes. Additionally, the Honor 9A features a sharper selfie camera, with an 8MP snapper on the front, compared to the realme C11’s 5MP.

realme C11 vs Honor 9A Cameras


Both coming with expansive displays and large batteries, the realme C11 and Honor 9A demonstrate that you don’t have to pay high prices to have a large screen on your smartphone. With a lower price tag, the realme C11 brings a marginally larger display and slightly more powerful processor compared to the Honor 9A, only being outperformed by its rival in terms of its storage and RAM configuration, additional ultrawide and superior selfie cameras, and fast unlock via its fingerprint sensor.

You can buy the realme C11 for only £99.99 here

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