How does realme’s new phone stack up against its predecessor? - The realme 7 Pro vs the realme 6 Pro

The brand new realme 7 Pro brings even more high-end technologies to the brand’s highly popular devices and improves on the 6 Pro in many ways. The 7 Pro; however, has lost a couple of features from its predecessor which was released just 6 months ago, making the decision which to buy not so clear-cut.


Starting with what the 7 Pro retains from the successful 6 Pro, realme has kept the incredible sub-£300 price point for its new device, providing great value for money for its mid-range smartphones with large displays and impressive quad-camera setups. In addition to this, the 7 Pro and 6 Pro share the same processors, with both utilising Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 720G chip for decent computing performance, especially when it comes to mobile gaming. Both phones are equipped with Android 10 out the box along with realme’s own UI, meaning that the software experience of these devices is identical.

Design, Security, & Audio

realme 7 Pro vs 6 Pro Design

In terms of the look and feel of these phones, realme has chosen distinct colour choices for consumers to choose from. Where the 6 Pro adopts the two very bold material finishes of ‘Lightning Blue’ and Lightning Red’, the newer 7 Pro features two very sleek looking designs in ‘Mirror Silver and ‘Mirror Blue’.

Along with the distinctive colour choices for these two devices, the 7 Pro features a slightly slimmer and noticeably lighter design, coming in at 8.7mm (compared to the 6 Pro at 8.9mm) and weighing 20 grams lighter (182 grams vs 202 grams). With its slightly more compact dimensions and much lighter body, the realme 7 Pro is easier to hold than its predecessor, giving an improved mobile experience to the user. As well as the improved dimensions, the 7 Pro’s design feels much sturdier and more premium, with a stronger feel and more polished look compared to the 6 Pro.

realme 7 Pro vs 6 Pro Fingerprint Sensor

Looking at some other notable differences between the design of these devices, the 7 Pro features a water-repellent coating, giving the newer device the advantage in terms of its durability. Additionally, the 7 Pro implements an optical under-display fingerprint sensor compared to the side-mounted sensor in the 6 Pro, allowing for easier secure unlock of the device.

Another modest improvement realme have made with the 7 Pro is its dual stereo speakers. Utilising a loudspeaker on the bottom of the device like the 6 Pro, the 7 Pro also implements a large-size speaker in the earpiece, giving stereo sound for more immersive entertainment.


realme 7 Pro vs 6 Pro Display

Choosing the best display between these devices much depends on the personal preference of the user. With the 7 Pro’s use of Super AMOLED technology you get much more vibrant colours and deeper blacks compared to the IPS LCD display of the 6 Pro. In addition to this, the 7 Pro includes an Always-on display, allowing the user to utilise the Tap to Wake functionality of the device, eliminating the need to click the power button every time you want to unlock the phone.

On the other hand, some users may prefer the display on the realme 6 Pro. Firstly, the 6 Pro features a slightly larger 6.6-inch panel compared to 6.4 inches on the 7 Pro. More importantly, the 6 Pro implements a 90Hz higher refresh rate screen compared to the standard 60Hz on the 7 Pro. With this, scrolling and other tasks, especially gaming, feel noticeably smoother on the 6 Pro.


realme 7 Pro vs 6 Pro Cameras

Both phones utilise quad-camera setups on the rear; however, there are some slight differences worth knowing about. Firstly, both primary sensors are 64MP, giving very sharp images; however, the 7 Pro wins in this category since it uses Sony’ famous 64MP sensor, providing remarkable colour accuracy, and other improvements over the 6 Pro, such as the impressive Ultra Nightscape Video mode.

Another difference is the distinctive secondary rear camera sensors for these devices. With the 7 Pro you get a 2MP depth sensor, ideal for taking portrait photos; whereas, with the 6 Pro you get an 8MP telephoto with 2x optical zoom, more suited to taking great pictures of objects further away.

This different approach is also seen in the front cameras of these realme smartphones. The 7 Pro goes for a singular, super-sharp 32MP wide camera which allows for 120fps slo-mo video at 1080p; whereas, the 6 Pro adopts a dual-camera setup on the front, allowing for 16MP wide and 8MP ultrawide selfies. This means that with the 7 Pro you can take noticeably sharper selfie images, but with the 6 Pro you can take selfies with a much wider field of view, great for group photos of you with your friends and family.

The supercharged 7 Pro

realme 7 Pro 65W SuperDart Fast Charge

The standout feature of the brand new realme 7 Pro is its industry-leading 65W fast charging capabilities, known as ‘SuperDart Charge’. With this, the 7 Pro is able to charge from 0-50% in just 12 minutes and from 0-100% in just 34 minutes. Comparing this to the 30W Flash Charge of the 6 Pro, the phone can reach full charge in around an hour, still fairly quick, but almost twice as long as its successor.

Overview & Pricing

Both coming with 128GB storage and 8GB RAM, the new 7 Pro comes in at a great £279 price point, with the 6 Pro being sold at a slightly higher £289. Both devices are very competitively-priced smartphones with impressive specs. In terms of which one is best for you, if having a higher refresh display, and telephoto and ultrawide selfie cameras is a must for you, then the 6 Pro may be the better choice, whereas the 7 Pro is overall the better deal, providing improved screen technology, best-in-class fast charging, and important design improvements, all for a package that is £10 kinder to your wallet.

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