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During these tough times we have decided that it’d be the perfect time to offer schools and education authorities great deals to help kids stay connected and keep learning during COVID-19 restrictions.

With recent COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, the vital education of our children has been hit incredibly hard. The majority of children in the UK are now 3 months behind due to the pandemic.

School Children Learning Online

Free Data SIM Programme

Seeing this issue, and the fact that disadvantaged kids have been most affected because of unreliable home connectivity, Vodafone has decided to offer 250,000 data-only SIMs to primary and secondary school children across the UK for free. With this, it is hoped that the ‘digital divide’ will be reduced, preventing many kids falling further behind in their learning.

These SIMs will come with 30GB data available for a full 90 days after activation, and can be inserted into any smart laptop or any smartphone to be used as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This means that kids can easily stay connected, learning online from home, whether they’ve been told to isolate, if their school closes, or if they are catching up on lost learning during the holidays.

To keep kids safe and focused while learning, all of these data-only SIMs will be pre-configured to block age-restricted content, meaning that teachers and parents won’t have to worry about their children getting distracted from their learning or even coming across any inappropriate content while on the internet.

These SIMs will be allocated to schools UK-wide upon request by headteachers until 31st January 2021 (or until all 250,000 SIMs have been distributed), and will take less than 2 weeks to arrive.

eFones are also Here to Help!

In conjunction with this emergency support package, we thought it’d be a great idea to offer exclusive discounts on our most accessible Mobile Wi-Fi (MiFi) devices to schools and education authorities. With this, thousands of primary and secondary school children will be able to access a fast and reliable internet connection on the Vodafone wireless network to help them complete their school work from home.

ZTE MF920U, TP-Link M7200, & Huawei E5576

The Mobile Wi-Fi devices we have to offer you at discounted prices are the ZTE MF920U, TP-Link M7200, and Huawei E5576. These are perfect for handing out to young pupils to use at home, being inexpensive, compact in size, and super easy to setup. With either of these devices, kids can connect to a stable 4G connection using their free data SIMs.

By using these Mobile Wi-Fi devices, primary and secondary school children around the UK will be able to take part in virtual classes that their teachers have coordinated, do their online homework without any assistance, and even share their network connection with any siblings they have at home. With this initiative, we want to keep the UK’s pupils connected and reduce the digital divide affecting so many children during these tough times.

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